Services & solutions

Our laboratory

Entering our Laboratory you'll have the feeling of entering an old fifties shop. The passion and the type of workmanship have remained the same as before, as well as most of the equipment

Our services

Laboratorio Arte Orafa offers the following services:

- jewelry repair
- antique jewelry restoration
- creating unique modern jewelry in platinum, gold, silver and antique style
- wax modeling

Laser welding

The Laboratory is also equipped with new technologies that offer the possibility of laser welding

Here every jewel is designed and finished in the laboratory with the passion that has always distinguished the Laboratory.

3D Cad/Cam Services

The latest up-grade in the laboratory are 3D services, with the latest generation equipment; we offer CAD design and planning service, cost and material calculation, mass production;
Photographic rendering of objects in preview and stereo-lithographic printing in castable, ceramic, gumble and mechanical materials.